8k TVs are more awesome than 4k but dont buy them yet

Both the idea and physical examples of 8K TVs have been around for more than a couple years so far. Even when the first mass market 4K televisions started to pick up some serious traction, major brands like Sony and others soon started showcasing concept models with stunning 8K resolution, offering 4 times the pixels of their 4K UHD cousins.

Now, in 2019, these televisions have gone from a strictly conceptual existence to actual mass market availability like never before. This was the case even in 2018 as well, as we saw from Samsung at IFA last year but when CES 2019 rolled around, the 8K display trend was taken to new heights. Thus, right now, you can buy an 8K TV in several different sizes from Samsung with prices starting at about $5000 and other options are even available from Sony, LG and so forth.

We think that buying any of them is a really bad idea and all the extra visual quality these TVs deliver is wasted along with the extra money you’d spend on them. Let’s explain why.