Catch Up TV into Sky+HD planner

If you have either a Sky+HD box or the latest black Sky+ box, then you can get Catch Up TV through your broadband connection – even if you do not have broadband from Sky.

I have found that many people do not know that this extra useful service is available. Also, the catch up programs do not have to be watched there and then as they download down, but instead you will find them in your planner, to watch later. Be aware that they only stay in your planner for a while, typically a week. To get this service, you do have to connect your Sky box to your broadband router (which is of course connected already to the internet, where the programs download from). But these days there are devices that can make an network wired connection through your household mains wiring. If you need any help with this setup or any other home network to consumer electronics equipment, then contact us at