Dampness ruins video tapes

Dampness ruins video tapes. How you store your precious old video tapes is very important. They should be stored upright, like a book and in dry conditions. If they is too much moisture in the air, it can settle on the tape, the tape deteriorates and then the tape becomes unplayable. It is unplayable because the tape sticks to itself and/or the tape drum. If it sticks, when the tape is played, it can rip into tiny shreds.

We have had several tapes recently where little white specks are visible across the tape spool, which shows that moisture has got into the tapes and the tape will not come off the drum in one piece!

So, do not leave your video (or audio) tapes in a damp room, loft, garage or part of your house.

Whatever condition your tapes are in, get them digitised as soon as possible, so that you can enjoy them forever as they are, before they get worse.

If you want to digitise your tapes, have a look at the information and pricing below: