video tapes

Digitise your memories in lockdown

If you have any spare time during lockdown it is a great opportunity to find all your old video and photo memories. Things like video tapes, photo albums, photos, slides or negatives.

These can all be digitised and then viewed directly on your smart TV in the comfort of your lounge. You can then easily share them with other family members.

Years ago family video tapes were converted to DVDs, but this is not the best way to do things today. Instead they should be converted into mp4 video files, named with your tape name and copied onto a USB memory stick. This memory stick can then be plugged into the back of your smart TV (or PC) and watched.

If you have all your phone/camera photos and video stored on a network drive or cloud account, you can add these old video mp4s to your collection and watch them in the same way as you recent phone videos.

WD Home Cloud NAS

If you need help in digitising and/or storing your precious family members then contact Personal Media Solutions.