Every device is merging with the internet, not as one with another (e.g. PC with TV)

It is over two and half years ago when I said that the TV is merging with the internet and not merging with the PC – this is so true today with tablets and smartphones also merging with the internet – and certainly not with the PC. I commented then that  “…what is happening is that the TV is merging with the internet, not merging with the PC. Applications like BBC iPlayer are driving the whole need to connect the TV to the internet. Also, when we think of the TV in our lounge, we should think TV / Home Entertainment System rather than just TV. This means all types of media on the TV / Home Entertainment System, starting with the home/family photos, music and video, onto content with built in 5.1 surround sound like AVCHD files, and then leading to internet media and applications, “Over the Top TV” which are all coming along. Linking Home Consumer Electronics products with the service provider’s network is the way the consumer will benefit the most, so the TV needs to get connected to the Home Network and to the internet. Standards like G.hn http://www.homegridforum.org/home/ and DLNA http://www.dlna.org/ will be more increasingly talked about. This is really the thinking behind my business https://personalmediasolutions.co.uk/
because most UK homes still have their TV and Home Network unconnected.”

Now many more TVs are connected to the internet, but still in my business I find that too many people are still “watching BBC iPlayer (and other internet based services) on their PC or Laptop in the bedroom/study” instead of on their main high quality large flat screen TV in the comfort of their living room, enjoying programs with family/others.

Original comments: http://www.electronicsweekly.com/blogs/david-manners-semiconductor-blog/2010/03/intel-and-sony-on-doomed-attem.html