How should you store your precious old video tape memories?


Video tapes start degrading from the moment they have been recorded! In fact they sometimes only last 10 to 20 years, especially if they are not stored correctly. They should be stored vertically like a book on a bookshelf, not lying flat. They should be stored well away from heat sources and any damp or moisture. This is because it is mainly the moisture in the air which reacts with the glue holding the magnetic particles to the plastic video tape which causes the tapes to degrade and become unplayable.  Making those memories accessible againWhether it’s your old camcorder video tapes, boxes of photographs, slides, negatives, your old record collection or even your CD or DVD library, we can lovingly transfer your memories onto a system so that they can be enjoyed once again at any time by the entire family on your TV and home entertainment system. Contact us now to arrange personal collection of your precious memories to be digitised onto CDs, DVDs, Memory sticks, USB drives or Network Attached Storage devices or to discuss how you can have a system installed. Call    01276 685968    or email