How to improve Wi-Fi coverage in your home

Improve Wi-Fi

Do you find that the Wi-Fi in your home works fine near the wireless router, but drops off a lot in other parts of your home or when you go in the garden? This is becoming more and more of a problem as people have higher expectations of internet coverage in and around their home, particularly with increasing use of smartphones and tablets.

There is an easy to install solution that works in most homes to improve W-Fi coverage. You have a unit plugged into the mains wiring next to your router with a network cable connecting it to your router. Then, you have another different unit, that has a built in wireless access point, plugged into the mains somewhere else in your house where you want to improve the wireless coverage.  It uses a standard called Homeplug or Powerline. The 2nd unit can be setup to have the same SSID and Password as your wireless router.

You then end up with a seamless home network that is much wider than before. Improve Wi-Fi coverage.

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