Living room TV is ‘making a comeback’, says Ofcom

Recent BBC news item says "UK families are more likely to watch TV together now than they have been in ...
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optical disc with recording capacity of at least 300GB by the end of 2015

Sony and Panasonic are planning a an optical disc of at least 300GB storage. Details of the announcement can be ...
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How should you store your precious old video tape memories?

Video tapes start degrading from the moment they have been recorded! In fact they sometimes only last 10 to 20 ...
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What are the benefits of having your precious family videos and photos digitised?

I am often asked "Why have your precious family videos and photos digitised?" Below are the main reasons I see: ...
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Catch Up TV into Sky+HD planner

If you have either a Sky+HD box or the latest black Sky+ box, then you can get Catch Up TV ...
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Top 10 hints and tips for scanning / digitising slides or negatives

Have you ever thought of scanning your own slides or negatives? If so, you may be interested in our top ...
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Ultra-HD TVs are coming!

Here is a great review at one of the latest consumer ultra-HD TVs, the Sony 84in KD-84X9005. Ultra-HD is 4 times the ...
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Every device is merging with the internet, not as one with another (e.g. PC with TV)

It is over two and half years ago when I said that the TV is merging with the internet and ...
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Moving Pictures Bring Family History Alive

Interest in Family History is growing fast, fuelled by programmes like the BBC’s “Who Do You Think You Are?” and ...
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We Finally Get YouView Details

"YouView billed as the future of UK free-to-air" is the headline from videonet. My view is that it will give Sky ...
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FT Tech Guys Article About VHS Tapes

You don't often see articles about old "VHS tapes" theses days, but here is one from Peter Aspden in Saturday's ...
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Spotify Premium Free 30 Day A Success

I have been enjoying Spotify on my PC for a long time now, but with the restrictions as a free ...
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Video of Aldershot Town Ladies Football season’s goals

Aldershot Town Ladies Football Club finished their season with a great win in the Chairman's Cup Final at the Aldershot ...
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Vinyl Records are part of Peoples History.

I met up with Ian Crocker of at the Fairmile in Cobham today at one of those great Business ...
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Do you need help in choosing the right TV to get connected to the internet?

Choosing the right smart internet connected TV to buy can be a fun task. However, the list of features and ...
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Nepali Connections Exhibition, Surrey Heath Museum, Camberley, 21st Apr-30th June 2012

If you are interested in Nepal, its people and culture, then you can view the Nepali Connections Exhibition at Surrey ...
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UK TV over the Internet Explored

The different options for UK viewers to get TV over the internet are growing really fast. Here is a very ...
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Netflix now on Sony PS3

The Sony PS3 has always been an very good HD Media Player. The addition on Netflix this month means for ...
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