Watch your own SKY+ or Virgin Box on your mobile phone/iPad

There is increasing interest in being able to watch TV streamed from your own home SKY or Virgin box when away from home or simply from different parts of your own home.  The reasons that this is happening are a combination of increasing broadband speeds at home (particularly the upload ...
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Presentations from Connected TV World Summit, June 2011

If you are interested in the world of "Connected TV" then you will be interested in viewing the presentations from the recently held Connected TV World Summit, June 2011. You can get them on If you want any help in designing media streaming systems for your home TV / Home ...
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UK copyright law clarity on format shifting

A recent review of the Copyright laws in the UK could clarify things: One of the key changes it recommends is to legalise format shifting for personal use - the copying of CDs or DVDs onto digital music players or computers. Although no individual has been prosecuted for ripping music, having an ...
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Wartime 3D photos / Operation Crossbow

If you are interested in wartime photos, 3D photography and/or Spitfire planes then there was a great program on last night called Operation Crossbow - worth watching  on iPlayer ...
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Buying a new TV? Do you want internet connectivity? What is DLNA?

Choosing the right TV to buy can be a fun task. However, the list of features and specifications has increased enormously over the years, which makes choosing more complex. Many years ago, beyond the size and look of a TV, there were few other things to consider. Now you have ...
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Videos Can Degrade In Only 5 To 30 Years

Magnetic tapes, such as those used to video precious family memories, actually degrade quicker than many people think. In fact there is a chemical process that is going on which will eventually make the tape unplayable. This Life Expectancy can be in the range of only 5 to 30 years! ...
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ITV Plus Channel 4 On Your Sony PS3 Now As Well As BBC IPlayer.

The Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) is fast becoming the best HD media player to connect to your TV. Not only can it be set up to see Media (photos, music and videos) on your home network, but also you can now view ITV Player and Channel 4′ s 4 On ...
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Love Film Now On Your Sony PS3, Plus Rumours Of Google TV For Sony PS3 Too.

One of the best Media Players is the Sony PS3. And now the Sony PS3 system is becoming even more useful. You can now get Love Film on your PS3 to stream movies to your TV. More details on Also, the rumours are growing stronger and stronger that Sony will be signing ...
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We Can Digitise Photo Negatives

Did you know that Personal Media Solutions can digitise from the negatives of your precious family photos. Using these to digitise your memories means that you do not have to find all your photos, take them out of albums. Also, sometimes the physical photos have been lost or damaged. Personal ...
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