Reel to Reel, Lost Sid James interview

Reel to Reel – Before the days of smart phones, MP3 players, CDs etc most audio was recorded and stored on magnetic tape. Professionals and keen amateurs tended to used “Reel to Reel” tape machines.

An example of a rare reel to reel find was reported by the BBC on 9th August as follows:

An interview with Carry On legend Sid James has been recovered after 42 years sitting in a loft.

It is the last-known recording of the comedy star, and thought to have been recorded days before he died on stage during a UK theatre tour.

The lost interview was found on an unlabelled reel belonging to former BBC radio presenter Jeff Link.

It was found during the making of a radio documentary to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Carry On films.

The conversation reveals James’s thoughts on his work with comedian Tony Hancock, his many popular appearances in the Carry On series, and his quest to maintain a new fitness regime.

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