Personalised DVD Gift Packages

Personalised DVD Packages – A Perfect Unique Gift

A personalised DVD package is a unique gift. We use your photos (photos, slides, negatives or digital photos), your video footage (video tapes, cine film or digital files) and your choice of music. We then carefully edit together your photos, video and music into a personalised video with titles and credits as required. This is then turned into a DVD with a printed on title and image, plus case.

All editing work is carried out on the industry leading video editing suite Adobe Premier Pro CC. Based in Camberley, Surrey, we serve Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, London, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, Sussex, Wiltshire and all other areas of the UK.

You can bring your photos and videos to use, send by post, or we can collect.

If you have digital files, you can send these over the internet. We can recommend the FREE file transfer service  You simply add our email address and your email address, the files you want to transfer and click transfer.

It is easy to transfer photos from your iPhone, iPad, tablet or PC to us using

Or you can transfer photos/videos to your Microsoft OneDrive cloud account and then share that folder, sending us a link.

After we have carried out the editing, we will send you a link so that you can view the video for any changes, prior to approval. Then we burn the DVD(s) and send them to you.

Your Personalised DVD Checklist:

  1. How many photos do you want to have?
  2. Please have the photos in the order you want them to show.
  3. If you are transferring/sending digital photos, they need to be in alphanumeric order – e.g. photo001.jpg, photo002.jpg, photo005.jpg, photo019.jpg, etc.
  4. Think particularly about the first few photos, the last few and specifically the last photo you want to play.
  5. How long do you want the photos to run for? (for a slow moving video assume 5 seconds per photo, so 12 per minute, for a fast moving video assume 2 seconds per photos, so 30 per minute).
  6. How many videos have you got?
  7. If your videos are to be taken with a phone, use landscape mode (i.e. tip the phone on its side) as that will avoid having big black bars on each side of the image when viewed on a DVD/TV.
  8. Ideally have a few seconds before and after any video messages to enable better video transitions.
  9. How long are the videos in total minutes run time?
  10. What is the total combined time of your photos and videos?
  11. What music tracks do you want?
  12. How long are these music tracks in total?
  13. How does the combined music time compare to the combined photos time (this assumes video has its own sound track that you want kept)?
  14. What title page would you like – words, colour, font?
  15. What final title page would you like – words, colour, font?
  16. What photo/image and title would you like printed onto the DVD itself?

Examples and pricing are shown below:

Personalised DVD Packages (Examples)PDP BronzePDP SilverPDP Gold
personalised dvd gift bronzePersonalised DVD Gift silverpersonalised dvd gift gold
Your own title page at the beginningYour titlesYour titlesYour titles
Your photos digitised (prints, negatives, slides or digital)36 images36 images100 images
Your choice of music song (CD, mp3, wav)1 music track1 music track3 music tracks
Your personal video digitised (from tape, dvd , digital file)10 min video45 min video
Your credits or message page at the endYour creditsYour creditsYour credits
Video uploaded for you to view via weblink and approveonline approvalonline approvalonline approval
Number of DVD copies, with your image and title printed on, plus case2 DVDs2 DVDs2 DVDs
Above personalised DVD package pricing (excluding any Postage & Packing) from£109£149£249
Additional DVD copies, with your image and title printed on, plus case£10 each£10 each£10 each
Blu-ray disc copies, with your image and title printed on, plus case£15 each£15 each£15 each
Terms and Conditions of Sale apply

PDP-Bronze example Personalised DVD Gift Package: 36 photos, 1 music track, titles, credits, uploaded to website for viewing/approval, burn to DVD with printed on title and background image and case.

PDP-Gold example Personalised DVD Gift Package: 100 photos, 45 mins of video, 3 music tracks, titles, credits, uploaded to website for viewing/approval, burn to DVD with printed on title and background image and case.

personalised dvd gift