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Testimonials – What our customers say:

“Thank you so much for working on all our video footage and slides – we couldn’t resist a quick look this evening with two of the children. We have laughed so much at the old footage – much of which we haven’t seen for 20 years! We’re particularly pleased that you were able to rescue the tape the dog chewed – that’s movie of our eldest when she was just days and weeks old. And the work you have done on the slide files is impressive – it’s amazing to think those shots were taken 60 years ago. We couldn’t be happier! Rob Ault, Woking

“I just wanted to let you know that the USB sticks you prepared for me were received with absolute JOY by my young adults and we had a marvelous time watching the footage over Christmas. Thank you so much for saving all the precious material for us which as you know is irreplaceable. Thank goodness I found you and you were able to take care of all the various forms of film and condition. They were in good hands.” Helen D, Guildford.

“I am no expert at writing a review, I can only speak as I find. I found the Personal Media Solutions website by accident. I have a very old, 56 years next week, 8mm cine film. It was taken by a cousin on our wedding day, with a wind up Kodak brownie cine camera. It has been around the world in all kinds of harsh conditions, we had a DVD taken from it when DVD first came out, it was hardly visible, the colours had faded and the picture hard to see. I thought I would pay Martin a visit. I was so impressed by him, he assured me he could do something with it. The day before yesterday 10/03/18 we collected the DVD and film, he had digitised the film, restored the colours, how i do not understand. Playing it on DVD on TV we could just not believe what he has achieved with the colours, they have all come back to life even better than I remember from the original film 56 years ago. All the family are so pleased at seeing mum and dads wedding, 3 children 8 grandsons, all happy at seeing the history of the family in such bright colour, unlike the film we can stop and start for still frames and see long passed family. What Martin has done is a miracle. I have great pleasure in giving him 11 out of 10 it is far beyond good, you will get such a great welcome from Martin”. Ron H, Guildford

“I found an old VHS video in the garage of my twin girls. I contacted Martin who was so very helpful, he was able to digitalise my video and burn it on to a DVD. I am going to give this to my my grown up daughters now for their birthday. I spent the weekend watching the DVD’s, it brought back so many happy memories and pleasure, also I was able to see people who had passed away. Personal Media Solutions were fantastic in doing this for me. The whole process was completed within a week. The cost was very reasonable and to me it is PRICELESS. Thank you so much” Tracy Roberts, Surrey

“Thank you for the personalised DVD you produced for my mothers 100th Birthday. Old damaged photographs were brightened up and reworked to remove cracks and tears as needed. The way you timed the photograph sequence to the music was superb. Everyone in the family and others who saw it, loved it. Lots of memories and lots of tears! ‘The best thing to come into the house for years’ said one of my sister-in-laws. ‘A real family heirloom’ said my wife. ‘It really is very very good’ said my Mother’ Well done, thank you again” Alasdair Michael, Leeds.

“The wedding was a brilliant weekend – went better than I imagined possible. My speech went down well. The videos played on cue and everyone remarked on how good they were. I just want to say to you a big thank you. I am very grateful for your help, skill, flexibility and urgency. I have referred a few people to you and look forward myself to working with you on a few more projects during the summer.” Peter Duffy, London 

“I want to thank you very much for the fantastic job that did on digitising our family cine films and slides.  They are excellent quality and an easy way of going back through our memories. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone else who wants their memories easy to hand. kind regards” Cherry, Surrey

“I wanted to drop you a short personal note to express my sincere appreciation for your quite brilliant partnering in creating the most special birthday gift for my wife, Gill. The DVD has been a brilliant success – probably the best present I could ever have imagined – not only for Gill, but for our wider family too. The first showing at the surprise party was a great success – loved by the whole family. All those old family photos, video footage, more recent digital pictures as well as some of our favourite and memorable music, was all so thoughtfully edited together. On a personal level I appreciated very much the collaborative style you adopted with me and how no matter how many changes or edits I sought, right up until the deadline, you were always happy to work them through, offering great advice and suggestions along the way. Your shared genuine interest and enthusiasm for the overall project was terrific for us all to see and we were amazed by the level of detailed work involved in producing the DVD – what you do really is so impressive! Thanks for being such an enthusiastic partner in this “undercover” project and for producing a truly brilliant piece of work that will be treasured through the generations.” Andrew Main, Surrey.

“We had hundreds of hours of old family videos in many outdated formats stored in old boxes and thousands of digital photos tucked away on one pc.  We rarely had the time and energy to set ourselves up to view them.  Now we have all these readily accessible via our large family TV.  We can dip into them effortlessly as we sit in our sofas.  In addition, we now have internet access for the same family TV, giving us iPlayer etc.  and web surfing too. Martin at Personal Media Solutions understood our need, recommended and sourced the disparate equipment and accessories, and installed it all in a swift, efficient and effective way.  He even gave us a family tutorial at our convenience on a Sunday.  We are in a place we would have found too daunting to reach without this comprehensive and user friendly service.  Next we are going to enlist Martin’s help in adding our ancient 35mm slide collection to our digital solution.” Catherine Warrington, Surrey

“Just to say my parents were absolutely overwhelmed by their photobook. They couldn’t stop looking at it and were just full of emotion at the amount of thought and time that had gone into putting it together. I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support on this and if I need anything else doing from a media perspective both at work or personally you will be my first point of contact!” Melanie Nash, Surrey

“Personal Media Solutions were able to convert our family video tapes to digital files that I can easily edit on my Apple Mac iMovie program, as well as to playable labelled DVDs in cases, in spite of the fact that many of the tapes were over twenty years old and some were in unusual non-UK formats. The service was quick, professional and reasonably priced. I will not hesitate to recommend Personal Media Solutions to friends and colleagues. It has been a fantastic experience to relive old family events through the converted videos!” Kelley Kirklin, London

“It was great to be able to view all of our old photos and home movies on the TV at Christmas. The whole family could watch at once instead of having to pass round the album. As everyone could see the same photo at the same time it was great family entertainment! It was so much nicer to be able to see the photos on a big screen rather that looking at small pictures.” Jim Bollans, Northants.

“I cannot thank you enough for your salutary wake up call. Having heard about your offering, I asked my wife what she thought, in the cold light of day, was the most treasured possession we had in the house; something we could not possibly live without, that we would be absolutely devastated to lose. She said that, as a result of fire or fire damage, it had to be our collection of videos and photos of our sons from birth through childhood. From birthdays to holidays, it would be truly unbearable to be without this catalogue of the happy memories. Thanks to your integrity and your excellent system, we now have them digitised, copied and backed up and are storing the treasures elsewhere. We can now sleep at night!” Paul Sampson, Hampshire.

“The exhibition went well – better than expected and the DVD was a great crowd puller! I am so glad I invested in getting Personal Media Solutions to produce my video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kgNO5qJEfI otherwise I don’t think we would have been so successful.” Cathy Stewart, The Baby Scan Studio, Marlow, Bucks

“I’m delighted. My solution was designed and installed efficiently, professionally and cost effectively. We can now view our photos, music, videos, BBC iPlayer and the internet on our lounge TV. We can also watch content from our PC and SKY boxes on any TV in the house. It is so valuable to have an expert who can help, advise and then provide and install everything and then demonstrate how to use it. I would have no hesitation in recommending Personal Media Solutions.”
Simon Bradberry, Surrey.

“I was so impressed with the whole setup that Martin offered that I had him supply and install one in my own home. All of my photos that lived in a few shoeboxes are now scanned and digitised, stored safely on a 2 TB (yes, Terrabyte) storage drive that sits under my desk in the study. Connected to my home network and sent wirelessly around the house, I can now view the contents of the drive from my laptop. Best if all, I have a new slim line Sony PS3 in the living room, connected to the TV with a HDMI cable. The PS3 is connected to the internet using an IP over mains adaptor and I can use its built-in browser to view my photos and listen to my crackly old vinyl records. I can now share my memories with my entire family  in the living room. I can thoroughly recommend a chat with Martin to see what he can offer in preserving your precious memories and enabling you to view and share them.” David Goodman, Surrey.

“Dear Martin, thank you so much for giving me back so many memories. I sat up late last night watching my discs. I know the quality of the filming is not good but the content was amazing. There were long gone great aunts and a fun holiday with my late dad and even two husbands! (not at the same time) and I can’t wait to share the memories with my grandchildren. I am so pleased that I found your website and have every intention of passing on your good name to everyone I know.” Pat Ball, Surrey

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