Top 10 hints and tips for scanning / digitising slides or negatives

Have you ever thought of scanning your own slides or negatives?
If so, you may be interested in our top 10 tips:

1. Use a high resolution slide/negative flat bed scanner (minimum 3200 dpi capability).
2. Close all other applications on your PC, including backup software.
3. Organise your physical workspace/ workflow as this is repetitive and labour intensive.
4. Inspect slides to ensure they are secure and correctly in their mounts.
5. Clean each slide/negative by blowing off any dust.
6. Place correct way up and way round.
7. Set scan size in mm (or pixels) and lock settings so each scan is same pixel size.
8. Use software features to automatically locate originals and provide scan marques.
9. Do a single scan trial to check orientation, output quality, pixel dimensions.
10. Set up folder, file naming convention, etc and backup each sessions work.
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