What is the best way to save, store and back-up your personal photos and videos

I am often asked What is the best way to save, store and back-up your personal photos and videos?

Firstly, you need to get your photos and videos and audio memories digitised, if they are not already in a digital format.

Digital formats are the modern way to store media. For example, families may have had cine films, or later video tapes, or video dvds. All these “analogue” media can suffer from loss due to damage, theft, water, or degradation over time.

After the older “analogue” media is digitised into a digital file format, the quality level is frozen in time. The file can be copied multiple times (maybe for other family members), saved on multiple platforms (on your home network, on a detached USB drive, and in the cloud) and saved in multiple different locations (maybe at family members homes).

For example, your collection of digital photos, videos and audio recordings can be saved locally in your house, for example on a network drive so you can view them on your TV, PC or iPad, or even smart phone anywhere in the world (whilst you have an internet connection).

But, you must store the files on multiple platforms, at multiple different locations.

Then, perhaps once a year, these file stores can be added to with the last years files.

Occasionally it is a good idea to check your precious collection is not corrupted, is complete, the overall folder size and number of files is correct and then copy the whole collection to a new devices(s).

If you would like help with digitising, storing and viewing your personal media (videos, photos and audio recordings) then get in touch with Personal Media Solutions.